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What is an e-cigarette?

An e-cigarette also known as an electronic cigarette is a battery powered device used as an alternative to smoking by traditional means such as: cigarettes, pipes or cigars. An e-cigarette works by delivering a dose of nicotine to the user by means of a propylene glycol / nicotine solution in the form of a vapor that is inhaled.

The vapor from an electronic cigarette is similar in taste to the smoke inhaled from a traditional cigarette or other tobacco product and induces the same physical reaction. Usually resembling a tubular construction not dissimilar to a pen the e-cigarette is marketed as a healthier alternative to traditional methods of smoking and as an aid to assist with giving up smoking.

The nicotine solution used within electronic cigarettes is also known as e-Liquid and is predominantly made up of an organic substance known as Propylene glycol (Propane-1,2-diol). Propylene glycol is a sweet colorless liquid that can be found in products such as: Moisturizer, toothpaste, mouth wash, food additives, fragrant oils, and antifreeze.

Other substances found within e-Liquid include: Glycerol, organic acid, tobacco essence and of course Nicotine itself. e-Liquid is available in various concentrations from high doses to simulate the Nicotine levels of a regular cigarette, to lowered dosage levels to assist with quitting smoking, or containing no Nicotine at all.

How Electronic cigarertte works

howecigsworkFirst it is not a vacuum cleaner, pressure washer or a conventional steam carpet cleaner using gallons and gallons of water combined with harsh or toxic chemicals. This innovative technology uses a little clear, clean water (approximately 1.5 quarts per hour) and a little electricity to produce hundreds of gallons of dry steam vapor, ensuring no danger to your health. 

The steam is produced within the on board boiler, which heats potable water close to 300 degrees F. As you use the unit, the steam passes through the steam hose assembly and whatever accessory you have selected (depending on the application). The steam vapor contains only 5% to 6% water and is much less dense than the air we breathe .

Unfortunately, some in the industry refer to this process as vapor steam. Fact is, you must produce steam first to get dry steam vapor! The "Dry" Steam Vapor System produces high temperature, low moisture steam vapor. The heat of the vapor and light agitation does the work. It is virtually mess free working with temperatures hot enough to destroy bacteria on all types of surfaces; reduce viruses in your living environment; kill germs on contact; emulsify grease and oil as well as other surface contaminateswithout using regular harsh cleaning chemicals. This is virtually chemical free cleaning! We provide such electronic cigarettes, you can also find out more about us and other service that we offer.


Because they are just a vaporizer, you can enjoy an e-cigarette anywhere

Powerful, portable, quiet and easy to operate, maximizing your sanitizing, deodorizing and cleaning effectiveness with minimal effort.

You are not inhaling all the tar and carcinogens that cause lung cancer and other diseases.

There is no smell. Honest. There is a flavor in the mouth on inhale(I'm using a vanilla mild nicotine cartridge right now and it is pleasant). But there is no smell to the vapor that is released. No smell on the clothes, no smelling fingertips, no bad breath from smoking.

Its an electronic metal device, there is no yellow fingers from the end.

No smoke means no secondhand smoke. You can use them around your family without worrying.

You inhale only as much as you need to satisfy your nicotine craving, meaning you can actually use less and make your cartridge last more, unlike with cigarettes where your brain thinks it needs to finish the whole thing.

Because your not inhaling a bunch of junk, you don't feel the need to clear your throat of all the junk build up in the morning regular smoking causes.

Sanitize, Deodorize, Clean in one safe, reliable, simple operation.

100% environmentally safe cleaning effectiveness, while removing chemical residues. No Harsh Chemicals Needed.

Reduce allergy and asthma triggering pollutants, bacteria, viruses, dust mites fleas, simple molds

No need to be on your hands and knees to clean tile, grout, around the toilet bowel, PLUS it can be used on all types of surfaces

Thinking to Buy an Best electronic cigarette?
So you think you'd like to trade to buy an electronic cigarette? Whether you are wanting to give up tobacco, or maybe just looking for an alternative to running outside every time you want to smoke, the electronic cigarette is a great option to have. Unlike patches or gum, it really allows the smoker to have more control over the nicotine consumed at any given time.

Save Money With An Electronic Cigarette

If the only benefit you consider when contemplating whether to switch from regular cigarettes to the new electronic cigarettes is the savings you could enjoy then this may just surprise you.

The Savings With E-Cigarettes
The amount of money you can save by smoking Electronic cigarettes instead of regular smokes is astounding. You initially purchase a starter pack that contains your electronic cigarette atomizer, usually also coming with 2 batteries, a charger, and a few extra nicotine cartridges (these are what contain the nicotine). The starter packs generally run for $60 to $130 online, or even more if bought at a kiosk in a local mall. You can pay much less if you purchase through EBay. Then your only additional costs are just extra atomized cartridges in your preferred flavor and level of nicotine.

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