Are Electronic Cigarettes Safe?

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“Are electronic cigarettes safe?” is a question that is always being queried. Since its inception a few years back, the popularity of electronic cigarettes has been growing. The cigarette also comes in terminologies such as e-cigarette, smokeless cigarette, e-cig, vape-pen, atomizer, cartomizer, among many other names. This smoking device is considered as an alternative to the traditional tobacco cigarette. Unlike, the conventional cigarette, it involves no lighting and operates via a lithium-ion battery which heats up a nicotine laced solution. The user thus inhales the vapour. Whether smoking the cigarette is safe is always debatable with the following issues taking centre stage.

Research Findings

A lot of research has been done on the e-cigarettes. Health organizations, public entities, as well as independent parties have carried this out. The results have varied depending on a number of aspects. Bodies such as Food and Drug Administration (FDA) as well as World Health Organization (WHO) have channelled their disapproval on the safety of the e-cig. They claim that the main ingredient of the cigarette, which is nicotine, has same effect as that found in a tobacco cigarette. Other ingredients such as propylene glycol, flavouring, coloring, and glycerine may also lead to a dry throat, irritation of the respiratory system, as well as cancer.

Smoking Cessation Device

Another angle to look at when answering the contentious query “are electronic cigarettes safe?” and "why e cigs safer" is looking at the side effects. Other than the possibility of controlling the nicotine level, e-cigs also produce no tar, heat, or smoke. A user will therefore suffer from minimal side effects as compared to a tobacco cigarette. This is one of the main reasons that is influencing people to opt for the electronic cigarette instead of the usual tobacco cigarette. A person seeking to get rid of the habit is therefore better suited to use the e-cig as a smoke cessation device. This benefit not only applies to the smoker, but also the people around him. Case of secondary smoking is thus eliminated.

Nicotine Concentration

Nicotine is the main ingredient that gives a smoker the “High.” However, the e-cigarette gives a smoker the option of controlling the amount of nicotine inhaled. Usually, in a normal cigarette, a user has to inhale most of the fumes without a choice. This leads to him inhaling more than desired. Additionally, due to its nature, a user is also forced to finish a stick of cigarette. The ease of controlling the nicotine level reduces the nicotine effects. Furthermore, it is also possible to swap nicotine with other alternatives. Hence smoking safe products.

The above aspects help in shedding more light into the safety of smoking electronic cigarettes. However, one thing that both proponents and critics of the cigarette seem to agree on is that the e-cigarette is much safer than the conventional tobacco cigarette. Its fast acting nature results in less desire to smoke frequently. The concentration of the nicotine can also be regulated, and the contents of the solution (e-liquid/e-juice) can be controlled as per the user’s requirements. Therefore, the final verdict on “are electronic cigarettes safe?” is that the e-cig can be termed as the safest smoking device currently in the market.

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