Do Electronic Cigarettes Help You Quit Smoking?

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Millions of smokers have asked, do electronic cigarettes help you quit smoking? I guess the answer to this could end up as a complex answer that leads back to what the smoker wants in their life. If you have no desire to quit smoking cigarettes, the chances that you quit are pretty low. However, if you're looking to change into a healthy lifestyle, and you know the health risks that cigarette smoking has, then the odds are in your favor.

stopsmokingIt all starts with the smoker, if they have any desire to quit smoking, or have tried before and failed, the chances of electronic cigarettes working for them are better than someone forced into making the change. There is no sugar-coating it, there is a difference between real cigarettes and electronic cigarettes, but they do achieve the same results in many ways.

Electronic cigarettes are designed to be as close to a real cigarette as possible, without the harmful smoke. The shape and feel of an electronic cigarette is very similar to real ones. The heating element heats a cartridge to produce a vapor that is similar to smoke produced from a real cigarette. This makes the smoker feel like they are actually smoking a cigarette.

The cartridges are often available in different flavors, and nicotine amounts. They are designed to use a step program that will allow you to reduce nicotine use slowly, without irritation of stopping nicotine use cold-turkey. Nicotine amounts may vary from 24-0 mg of nicotine per cartridge.

To have a successful conversion from real to electronic cigarettes, compare your nicotine use before starting. Evaluate where you are at, depending on what type of cigarettes you smoke and how many daily, you can figure out where to start with the electronic cigarette. These results will vary for each smoker, so it's up to the smoker to do the research on how much nicotine they are taking in with real cigarettes. Generally, real cigarettes contain anywhere from 1-1.5mg of nicotine per cigarette, the type you smoke will have information on their website.

Electronic cigarettes work by allowing the smoker to retain a similar feel, while providing the nicotine to control the urge to pick up real cigarettes. The vapor inhaled from the electronic cigarette is very similar to inhaling smoke, so the brain believe that it is still smoking real cigarettes, as it hasn't lost anything that it was getting, aside from the toxins. However, the nicotine delivered through vaporizing nicotine is delivered through the tissue of the mouth, instead of absorbing into your lungs. This will create a slower onset of nicotine delivery, it takes longer to feel the nicotine with an electronic cigarette. A large amount of smokers who switched from real to electronic cigarettes notice, but studies show the difference is only slightly slower.

Electronic cigarettes are effective, no question about that. They will provide everything that a real cigarette will, without the carcinogenic toxins that cigarette smoke produces. They are a much healthier option, and are gaining in popularity throughout the world. Health risks start to go away within hours, and your body can recover after some time away from smoking. If you fail to succeed the first try, don't accept the failure without trying again, many people require a few attempts before making the change.

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