E Cigarettes Do’s and Don’ts

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E-cig is a conventional choice of cigarette that’s definitely tar-less, odorless and is environmental friendly. Then again this does not indicate that e-cig is totally hassle and maintenance free. With this in mind, let’s take a look at a few e-cig Do’s and Don’ts:

E-Cigarette Do’s

Clean your e-cigs

do'sanddon'tsCleanse the brass contact and the atomizer of the e-cig, using a hair free clean cloth or a paper towel. If possible use hand sanitizer. The cleansing job should be done before you place the e-cig into its appropriate charging device. This will hinder the any possible oxidation. Appropriate preservation is important for excellent contact between the battery and the charger. By doing this you’ll have bettered the e-cigs performance and also boost its life span.

Dispose the atomizer regularly

Regularly dispose your atomizer. If you don’t replace e-cig cartridges regularly, there usually is a certain tremendous quantity of e-liquid debris within the compartments. This may end up obstructing the compartment leading to weak functioning.

Read the troubleshooting instructions

When you're thinking of buying e cigarette, it is highly advised that you read the troubleshooting instructions in the starter kit. It is important that you teach yourself on the appropriate conservation.

E-cigarettes Don’ts

Don’t bring e-Cigs assembled

With this idea, you’re not required to remove the e-cig cartridge from the atomizer. Instead, simply unfasten the combo of the atomizer and the cartridge from the battery and store it in pocket or purse. This measure saves you from abruptly triggering the e-cig.

Don’t let the e-cig battery get wet

Be cautious and always inspect your e-cig to ensure no liquids get into it. For this you need to remove the atomizer from the battery. And check for any liquid spills. If there are any, then you need to clean your e-cig. In such a case you are required to clean both the battery contacts and the atomizer.

Don’t set your e-cig on a downward angle with the LED on

You need to be cautious as there’s the e-liquid in the cartridge connected to the atomizer. If the liquid possibly was forced out by gravity and it was not vaporized completely, then chances are high that it will get to the e-cig battery. This is why it is always recommended to remove the atomizer from the battery when it’s not in use so as to avoid the battery getting wet.

Don’t breathe on the e-cig while the LED flashing is noticeable 

Exhaling on the e-cig while the LED is flashing results to dripping at the cartridge which seriously destroys it.  

Don’t put any opened cartridges or atomizer

You should not put any opened e-cig atomizer or cartridges on an already open cartridge that’s fastened in your e-pack as it can cause harm to your e-pack by oozing.

Don’t use e-cigs with a dry atomizer or without an atomizer fastened to it

All new atomizers come equipped with a defensive cap. You’ll be required to connect a new cartridge to the atomizer.

These DOs and DON’Ts need to be remembered and adhered to for you to maximize the life span of your e-cigs. Remember these few tips and you won’t go wrong in the use of this product.

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