How To Find And Buy The Best E Cigarette

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Also referred to as e cigarettes or e-cigs, electronic cigarettes are battery powered devices that convert liquid nicotine solution into vapor, simulating the smoking action. These cigarettes are available on the market in a broad array of flavors, designs, brands and types. When choosing e cigs, there are several things you need to consider if you want to get yourself the best e cigarette there is:

Top E Cigarette Buying Tips

1. Costs 

ecigsWhen shopping for an e cig, you should consider both the upfront and ongoing costs. Naturally, anyone would go for the cheaper option, but most of these are usually disposables and may sometimes not be a patch on the kits that available today. Though high prices may not necessarily mean high quality, the chances of finding a quality e cig are slightly higher. Note that the prices vary depending on the brand of electronic cigarettes you choose.

2. Do you prefer pre-filled or refillable cartridges?

If you’ve just switched to smoking electronic cigarettes, it may be a good idea to go for the pre-filled cartridges first. When the cartridge runs out, all you need to do is replace it (and you can even continue to re-fill it in some circumstances). 

If costs are the main factor for consideration, buying e-liquids and then refilling your cartridges may be the best way to go. You will be purchasing empty cartomisers and bottled e-liquid which you’ll drip’ into the cartomisers when needed. By choosing refillable cartridges, you will also have a wide variety of selection of nicotine flavors.

3. Warranties and guarantees

Good return policies tend to offer peace of mind and are also an indicator that the company is confident in its own product! Many manufacturers offer a refund but the majority of them are on based on unused/unopened kits. So once you’ve tried it and it has failed, you get stuck with it.

Some may allow you to test or use the product and if you find it’s not what you expected, they offer you a return. Be sure to research about the company before picking an e cigarette.

4. Type of battery

Electronic cigarettes may come with automatic or manual batteries .The automatic battery is activated by taking a drag while the manual battery comes with a button that you have to press before the drag so as to activate it.

Some people prefer the manual as it heats up the liquid solution before taking a drag and may produce better vapor on the first drag without the need to take primer drags’ which most automatic batteries require.

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