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BestElectronic-Cigarette understands the importance of your privacy, and this statement is created to show our total commitment in safeguarding all your confidential information. Similarly, all the personal information collected from you, will be solely used for the purpose that it was intended for, and you may choose to retrieve any information from the list by simply contacting us. For instance, your email, phone number, credit card number and the mailing address, will only be used for membership registration or application, as well as, membership payments and the sending of our periodicals to you via your email. With that said, we hope that you make informed decision before sharing your personal information with us.

In addition, our team is dedicated towards maintaining the highest standards of integrity and decency regarding all modes of our operation. This goes pertinent with protecting all our on-line visitors', customers' and consumers' private information, and our policy is formulated to help you understand how we collect, use and protect all the information that you provide with us while using our website. The policy is also subjected to a continuous assessment against new technologies, consumers' needs and business practices.

The use of web beacons and cookies

A beacon is a clear image that shows your navigation through a site or a collection of sites. They are commonly referred to as web bugs, and they mainly serve the purpose of monitoring a site's traffic. Actually, they are normally used in association with cookies to monitor how visitors interact with the content to a particular site; together with providing information on how best the site can be improved to be more effective to the user.

Cookies, on the other hand, are identifiers that get transferred to your hard drive when you access our site, and they serve the purpose of allowing our system to take note of your browser. They will alert the web server that you have returned to a particular web page, and our website may use it to recall your subsequent visits to the site. All this happens on voluntary terms, and you may choose to decline or accept a cookie by modifying your browser's settings. However, declining a cookie may inconvenient you from experiencing the interactive features in our site.

Usage of the cookies and web bugs

Cookies are mainly used to differentiate you from a thousand and one of other users. In rare cases, cookies may be used to prevent you from logging in more times than it is necessary for the purpose of security. A combination of cookies and web bugs may also be used to assess which segment of our site is visited most. This is done by calculating the number of aggregate visitors on each page before making a numerical comparison. As you can see, all this is done to help us know how best we can improve our website and offer the best services to our clients. On the contrary, cookies do not enable us to collect any personal information from your browser, and any personal information that gets to us via the cookies is genuinely unintentional.

IP Addresses

Every time your computer is connected on the internet, other computers on the network will use your computer's IP address to identify your computer: In other words, it is a unique code that specifically identifies your computer when it is connected on the internet. Consequently, our web servers will be collecting the IP addresses from all its users as part of our demographic traffic analysis.

Sharing of Information site does not share, lend or lease any information that uniquely identifies a subscriber with anyone, unless it is needed to provide a service as requested by the client, or process a transaction.

Legal disclosure of information 

The site can only disclose the information provided herewith by the user, only if compelled legally to do so. In simpler terms, if the law requires the information for adequate protection of our legal rights. Pertinently, we may also disclose the information if we find it necessary for the legal authority to identify a particular user that violates our terms and conditions together with the safety of our users and the general public.

Websites linked to our site

BestElectronic-Cigarette is not responsible for any form of malpractice that is employed by other websites that are in link with our website. All the links provided in our website, only serve as a pointer to information that we find to be useful to our users. Once you click the link to go to these sites, our policies cease to be effective; but instead, you are subjected to the terms and policies of the other site.

By using this site, you consent to our use and collection of your personal information as stipulated in this privacy policy. Similarly, we hold the power to amend the content of this policy at any time and without a prior notice. For any questions please contact us.

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