Why E-Cigs Safer For The Body Than Regular Cigarettes Are?

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We have all seen the commercials for e-cigarettes and we have seen all of the benefits that they can bring us. Are they really safer for our bodies than regular cigarettes are? Below are some benefits, advantages, and differences between e-cigarettes and real cigarettes.

electroniccigaretteThese electronic cigarettes have been on the market as a safer alternative to real tobacco cigarettes. They are said to not give off offensive odors when smoked but do they really add up to the hype? There have been studies that have shown that over seven hundred thousand people are using these devices to help quit smoking or finding a better alternative to smoking a real cigarette.

The electronic cigarette works by moving nicotine into the bodies system through a type of vapor instead of the offensive smoke that we have grown accustomed to. Even though these machines don't use any type of ignition or fire when used these systems still derive the nicotine from the tobacco plant. Many people often believe that this method of smoking is safer for the body than regular tobacco smoking. These electronic systems are coming out of China which does not regulate these items prior to the distribution and sale of these e-cigarettes.

A study, which was presented at the Vienna European Respiratory Society, stats that these electronic cigarettes created an excess airway resistance which leads to less oxygen making its way into the blood stream than the original cigarette. This can cause problems for people who have coronary artery disease. Although there was an increase in airway resistance those people who have COPD have found that when using the electronic cigarette the effects on their airway were not as significant. Even though there was an increase in airway resistance the researchers were unable to see if electronic cigarettes had any negative long term affects on the body.

Many doctors have proclaimed that the best electronic cigarette can help to reduce some of the harm done to the lungs but it cannot be recommended to fully bring back full health in the long.

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