Why Electronic Cigarettes are now the Popular Way to Quit Smoking

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E-cigarettes were invented in China in the year 2003 to help curb the deaths that were caused by Tobacco. From a study conducted worldwide, it was discovered that Tobacco caused five million deaths per year. The best part was that these deaths could be avoided by using E-cigarettes. Now that these electronic cigarettes have been introduced to several countries, there are those who love them and those that hate them. Some say they do not help quit smoking while other suggest otherwise. 

Looking at the components of tobacco, the chemicals inside it are known to cause a lot of health damages. Smoke from a tobacco cigarette can make a person get lung cancer. The main reason why people smoke is to feel that taste of nicotine which some say it helps them to calm down. The electronic cigarette is not different. It will deliver the nicotine that your body craves for so much and eliminate the smoke part. E-cigarettes have a nicotine liquid that heats up and enter the body in form of vapor when you smoke it. With e cigs you smoke without fire.

There are several flavors of E-cigarettes you can choose from depending on your favorite brand. From most reviews people that have used E-cigarettes state that somehow it has helped them cut down on the number of cigarettes they take a day. Even though E-cigarettes have not been fully endorsed as safe, people now prefer them to taking nicotine gums and patches.

Have you ever walked into a workplace or restaurant and found people just smoking? Well for an E-cigarette you can smoke it anywhere since there is no smoke produced that will affect other people. This has been a major concern by health regulators which see it as a way to increase intake of nicotine into your body. The long term effect of using vapor nicotine is yet to be determined. Some say it is better to use the already tested and proven ways of quitting smoking by using nicotine gums and patches. 

In a study conducted to a population 657 people showed how effective E-cigarettes were in quitting smoking. The group was divided into three groups who were each given different types of quitting smoking techniques. One group was given E-cigarettes; another was given nicotine gums while the last group was given placebo e-cigarettes that do not have any nicotine. This study was carried over for a period of 13 weeks. 

Apparently those who used E-cigarettes, 7.3 percent of the group completely abstained from smoking tobacco cigarettes compared to 5 percent for those that used nicotine gums. These statistics show that more people had comfort to adapting to E-cigarettes other than using Nicotine gums to help quit their smoking habits. The study further showed that people who had used E-cigarettes most of them continued to use it even after the study was announced completed. 

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